Moving House


Moving House is stressful, you worry about the safety of your precious belongings, boxes need to be packed, there’s awkward shaped stuff and it’s incredibly time consuming.

It doesn’t have to be this way. HOT Moves make moving your belongings as stress free and easy for you as possible.

We’ll pack, do all the heavy lifting, take it all to your new home and unpack while you worry about moving the family and getting utilities sorted.

Of course if all you want is for us to put your belongings in a van and move them from A to B we’re happy to do that too, but remember we provide packaging in our cost so you don’t have to scrape around for boxes at the supermarket!

At HOT Moves we’re flexible and adaptable so while we’re happy to suggest the best way to get your stuff from one place to another, we also know you might not want the full service and there are bits of the process you want to do yourself.


What you can expect from us:

  • Vehicles and friendly removalists who arrive at the agreed time
  • Packaging delivered to you in advance to allow you to pack your way
  • All packing materials included in the cost
  • Any furniture too big to fit in our vans, or out of the front door, we will take apart and rebuild at your new home
  • Full insurance cover up to £100,000 included in the cost
  • No surprises and no hidden costs
  • A friendly, cheerful and efficient service


We know insurance is an important part of every household move, everyone wants that extra peace of mind, but unlike the majority of removals companies we do not charge you extra for insurance.

HOT Moves is insured by Coversure for up to £100,000 for goods in transit, which for most households is more than adequate.  

Yes, that’s right you get automatic insurance cover for your goods, up to £100,000.

For belongings worth more than this we can provide a customised quotation.

We also have Public Liability Insurance up to £1million.

How Much Does It Cost?

Unlike most removals companies we can give you a rough cost over the phone based on the size of your home.

You can even work out an approximate idea of what you’d expect to pay using the figures below.

For an exact quote, which includes insurance, we’ll happily visit your home.

In all cases its best to start by giving us a call.

Helping you understand our price guide

The following examples are just for guidance and may not be completely accurate.

Bungalow / Flat

A typical Bungalow or Flat usually requires 1 Luton van, 1 person and 4 hours to make a full move.

3 Bedroom Semi

A typical 3 Bedroom Semi usually requires 2 Luton vans, 2 people and 6 hours to make a full move.

5 Bedroom House

A typical 5 Bedroom House usually requires 2 Luton vans, 1 Transit, 2 people and 6 hours to make a full move.

Our Price Guide

One Van


1 Person

£ 0
Per Hour

2 People

£ 0
Per Hour

3 People

£ 0
Per Hour

Two Vans


4 People

£ 0
Per Hour

5 People

£ 0
Per Hour

6 People

£ 0
Per Hour

Addtional Cost to cover congestion charge if necessary

All packing materials & fuel are included within our quotes and there is no VAT to pay!


Tip One

Plan Ahead

The earlier you organise your move the better! Fridays and Saturdays are very popular moving days, so book early to guarantee your preferred date. If you’re moving from/to a flat with lifts, give your building manager a heads up ahead of time and book the building lifts for the duration of the move. We can provide our public liability insurance certificate via email if required.

Tip Two

Make a List

To help keep your move stress free you should make a list of what is going in each box and ensure your boxes are well labeled. That way when everything reaches your new property, you know exactly where those teabags and biscuits are to get you off to a good start.

Tip Three

Take Your Time

Don’t try and cram everything into the last few days before you move. If you want a stress-free house move, it is best to pace yourself – don’t leave it all to the last minute.

Tip Four

What You Won't Take

Take some time to sift through your belongings and have a clear out. You can make up a box for charity and if you’ve time, hold a car boot sale or log onto an online auction, then put the proceeds of your sold goods towards some re-decorating or a new carpet.

Tip Five

How Many Boxes Will You Need

Working out how many boxes you will need to pack all your things into is an important part of the process, we can help with that when we come round to give you a quote and make sure they’re delivered well in advance.

Tip Six

Pack Smart

Always use good quality boxes and wrapping material, we will provide these free of charge. If you still have original boxes for electrical goods such as TV’s and stereo’s make sure to use them for extra protection. Ensure your fragile items are sufficiently padded and protected when they’re packed.

Tip Seven

Wrap it up

Wrap any particularly fragile items like TVs, glass and soft wood using original boxes where possible. Consider using protective plastic covers for beds and couches. These are available at most self-storage companies.

Tip Eight

Pull the plug.

Unplug all electrical equipment before we arrive. Items such as TVs, computers and stereo systems should have their leads taped up Please ensure your fridge is turned off, defrosted, towel dried and empty prior to your move.

Tip Nine

Break it down

Certain items like beds and flat packed furniture are more easily transported when they have been disassembled. We can do this for you on the day, but dismantling these items prior to our arrival will save you time and money.

Tip Ten

Make way

If possible, save a parking space out front for your Hot Moves truck. If possible clear the hallways so we have easy access in and out of your property.

Tip Eleven

Keep the cost down

Hot Moves is a time based service, and you only pay for the time that you use on the day, so being packed and prepared makes lots of sense

Tip Twelve

Documents Together

Store all important documents, such as passports, house deeds, wills and insurance papers in one box or file to ensure easy access. This should then be placed somewhere where you will not lose it.