Waste Disposal


Hot Moves can dispose of building, garden or household waste for you at Smallmead Recycling Centre in Reading.

If you’re having building work done, a skip outside the front door brimming with waste is always unappealing and it’s often there long after you need it.

Consider us your mobile skip, we will come and collect waste from your front door, load and dispose of it quickly and efficiently.

Smelly garden waste quickly fills a normal car, often needing multiple trips to the tip. But Hot Moves can provide a simple, easy solution that keeps your car clean.

We hold a waste carriers licence that is compliant with all environmental guidelines.

No one likes shifting waste around or going to the tip, which is why you need Hot Moves.


  • Does waste collection get recycled?

Yes. 80% of Household waste can be recycled, we carefully ensure that all waste we collect is carefully sorted into its correct recycling container at Smallmead Recycling in Reading.

  • Is there anything Hot Moves will NOT collect?

Unfortunately we cannot collect Hazardous Waste, Asbestos or Clinical Waste, you’ll have to find a specialist for these, but give us a call and we can tell you what we can dispose of.

  • Are there any additonal costs?

Gas bottles, plasterboard and rubble incur additional cost on behalf of Smallmead Recycling Center.

Our Price Guide

One Van


1 Person

£ 0
Per Hour

2 People

£ 0
Per Hour

3 People

£ 0
Per Hour

Two Vans


4 People

£ 0
Per Hour

5 People

£ 0
Per Hour

6 People

£ 0
Per Hour

Packing materials are included in the above costs.

All packing materials & fuel are included within our quotes and there is no VAT to pay!